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Knox City, TX 79529
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Knox County Hospital Home Health provides home health care to the residents of Knox County and the surrounding area. There is “no place like home” and it is our mission to help patients recover from an illness or recent hospitalization in the comfort of their own home. Our Home Health staff provides professional, caring services of various levels ordered by the patient’s Physician. Our highly trained staff also teaches families what they need to know to help them care for their loved one when the patient transitions back into their home environment or recovers from an illness.

Criteria for needing Home Health (must need one of the following)
  • Part-time nursing
  • Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, or Speech Therapy
  • Have a skilled health need resulting from an illness or injury
  • Require care which is ordered by your physician
  • Have difficulty leaving the home, making it difficult to seek medical attention at the physician’s office and will not be driving a vehicle while receiving Home Health services
Services available
  • Skilled Nursing – Registered nurses do an initial intake and work closely with the physician to coordinate the patient’s treatment plan to ensure an effective and safe plan of medical care. Licensed Vocational Nurses work with the RN to administer services which include wound care, catheter care, monitoring of illness, and associated medications.
  • Home Health Aid Service – Home Health Certified Nurse’s Aides provide a variety of services, directed by a registered nurse or a therapist. They help maintain personal hygiene and assist in activities of daily living, such as exercising, walking, dressing, bathing, and eating.
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy – Therapists teach strengthening exercises to increase independence and confidence. They also instruct the proper use of supportive equipment for walking or transporting a patient with decreased mobility.
  • Speech Therapy

Contact: Betty Hudson, RN, DON 940-657-3013
Knox County Home Health Department Manager